Contour Plus blood glucose meter

CONTOUR®PLUS blood glucose monitor.

Simple to use. Highly accurate1 results. The CONTOUR PLUS blood glucose monitor is available again in Lebanon.

Get to know your CONTOUR PLUS

Contour Plus Package

Simple to use blood glucose meter

Ready to test out of the box

Second-Chance® Sampling feature

Highly accurate1 results

Uses CONTOUR PLUS test strips

Back in stock in Lebanon

Features and benefits


Test in a simple and intuitive way.

No initial set up. Large display and easy to use buttons. Ready to test out of the box.


One Strip. Two Chances.

The Second-Chance sampling feature prompts you to apply more blood to the same test strip when the first sample is not enough, with no need to re-prick your finger.2


Highly Accurate.

Not all blood glucose meters offer the same accuracy.3 The CONTOUR PLUS system has been shown to deliver a ± 0.56 mmol/L or ± 10% error margin in the overall range.*1

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*Results from an analysis of the CONTOUR PLUS system demonstrated that 100% (198/198) of the results for samples with glucose concentrations <5.55 mmol/L were within ±10% of the YSI result and 99.5% (400/402) of the results for samples with glucose concentrations ≥5.55 mmol/L were within ±10% of the YSI result.1

†Before use please see the CONTOUR PLUS user guide for full instructions.

1. Caswell M et al. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2015 Mar;17(3):152-8.
2. CONTOUR PLUS BMGS User Guide, July 2018.
3. G Freckmann et al. User Performance Evaluation of Four Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems Applying ISO 15197:2013 Accuracy Criteria and Calculation of Insulin Dosing Errors Diabetes Ther (2018) 9:683–697.